Does Carpet Cleaning Make Them Get Dirty Quicker

Does Carpet Cleaning Make Them Get Dirty Quicker? This is a common question asked to me and thousands of other professional carpet cleaners across the world on a regular basis.

The answer is no, it doesn’t. Well not if they’re done properly by a trained carpet cleaning technician anyway. Having the carpet cleaned properly will make sure that no sticky residue is left in the carpet to attract the dirt.

However, they can re-soil quicker than before they were cleaned if the operative doesn’t know what they are doing, uses too much cleaning product or doesn’t flush the cleaning product out of the carpet thoroughly. This is more often the case with DIY carpet cleaning. In fact its a very common occurrence.

We see carpets on a weekly basis that have re-soiled far too quickly after being cleaned using a DIY machine or hire machine. People hire or borrow a friends machine, measure out the correct amount of carpet shampoo and give a couple more glugs for luck or because they think mixing it up stronger will clean the carpet better. The problem with this is that the cleaning solution mixed with water will be slightly sticky and that stickiness will stay in the carpet even when its dry. This will then attract dirt faster than before the carpet was cleaned because before it was cleaned there was no stickiness.

One way to reduce this happening with a DIY or hire machine is to run the machine over the freshly cleaned carpet with just plain water in it. This will remove some of the sticky residue left behind by the cleaning process.

We use residue free cleaning solutions and then flush with plain water. This means that you will have no sticky residue left in your carpet after we have cleaned them meaning they will not get dirty quicker after cleaning. I hope this answers the very common question of “Does Carpet Cleaning Make Them Get Dirty Quicker?”.


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