Carpet cleaning frequently asked questions.

How long have you been carpet cleaning? We started cleaning carpets in 2002 so over 10 years ago now (wow, where has the time gone…).

Are you insured? Yes we have fully comprehensive insurance that includes public liability and treatment risk which covers the items we are cleaning.

How long does a carpet take to dry? It will depend on the type of carpet, what the carpet fibres are made of and the weather. A thick pile wool carpet in the middle of winter can take 24 hours to dry, a low profile polypropylene carpet an be dry in an hour in the summer. Most carpets we clean are dry on average in 3-4 hours.

How soon can you do it? We will fit you in as soon as possible or on a day and time that suits you in the future. Occasionally if you contact us at the right time we are able to do work for you the same or next day if we are working in your area and have some spare time.

Do you work weekends? We sometimes work on Saturdays but take Sunday as our main day off. If you specifically need work doing at the weekend please get in touch and we will book you in for a Saturday when we are working.

How long before we walk across the carpet after it’s been cleaned? We advise you to try and stay off a freshly cleaned carpet for a few hours. This is to avoid any marks being made on the clean carpet and to avoid the possibility of you slipping if the carpet leads on to a hard floor area such as tiles or laminate flooring.

How long before we can put the furniture back? We recommend leaving furniture off the carpet for a good few hours after it’s been cleaned, ideally wait until it’s 100% dry. This is to avoid any marks from footwear and the possibility of rust transfer from metal furniture legs or wood stain transfer stained wooden furniture legs.

Can you remove stains? The likelihood of successful stain removal will depend on what the stain is, what the carpet fibres are made from and if anything has already been used to try and remove the stain.  The worst type of carpet fibres to remove a stain from are wool and nylon. This is because they are an absorbent fibre type and can easily be re-dyed by coloured spillages. Common problematic stains are tea, coffee, urine, curry, bolognese sauce, red wine, lucozade, cherryade, make-up, ink, dye, some paints, fake tan, wood stain or varnish, lily pollen. We carry a wide range of stain removers on our van but unfortunately some stains are permanent or can only be reduced. We will always try our best to remove them though.

Do you move furniture? If possible we ask for you to move any smaller items of furniture such as nests of tables, lamps, magazine racks etc. you can from the rooms where the carpet is being cleaned. We can then move larger items such as your 3 piece suite, dining table etc. around as we need to. We will work around any large, heavy or awkward items such a side boards or wall units. If you would like us to clean the carpet under a large piece of furniture or television stand please empty it or disassemble the wires and remove the television from its stand to reduce the risk of damage to the item and our backs. Usually the carpet is not dirty under bigger items because there is no foot traffic so we recommend working around it. If you are unable to move furniture please let us know and we will make the time to move everything that we can for you. This will unfortunately incur a higher charger because of the additional time.

Can you remove pet hair? Yes we can remove pet hair. This is done by thoroughly vacuuming the carpet using a commercial upright vacuum cleaner prior to cleaning. We cannot guarantee to remove every single hair as that would be impossible but we can remove 99%.

Do you offer stain protection treatments? Yes we can apply a Teflon based stain protector to your carpet after cleaning or to a brand new carpet.