How Long Does A Carpet Take To Dry After Cleaning

How Long Does A Carpet Take To Dry After Cleaning? This is a very common question that we get asked all the time. Carpet drying times will vary depending on several important factors. These factors are humidity, carpet fibre type, carpet fibre length or pile depth and the time of year or temperature.

Carpets dry when the moisture left behind after wet cleaning (also referred to as steam cleaning or hot water extraction) evaporates. Evaporation occurs when the ambient humidity in the room is low enough to accept moisture. Carpets will dry quicker on a warm, dry day when the windows are open and a slight breeze passes through the room moving out the damp air and exchanging it for dry. Carpets will also dry on a cold wet day with no wind but drying times will be longer, running the central heating for a few hours will help to speed up the drying process.

Carpet fibre types will also have an impact on drying times. Generally speaking man made fibres will dry faster than natural. Wool is a natural absorbent fibre, it will take in moisture and hold on to it like a sponge. For example in the winter, without heating, wool carpets can take 24 – 48 hours to completely dry after wet cleaning. Again this can be speeded up by using the central heating.

Carpet fibre depth or pile thickness will also affect carpet drying times. A thick pile carpet will hold onto moisture longer than a short or shallow pile. This is simply because there is more of it. Think of it like a persons hair after washing. Short hair on a person dries quicker than long.

Time of year and ambient temperature also play a part in how long a carpet takes to dry after cleaning. In the middle of summer on a hot dry day and with a breeze carpets will dry the fastest. This is because warm dry air is being passed through the room where the carpet has been cleaned taking the damp air containing the evaporated water from the carpet with it. This damp air is then replaced with dry air which is eager to take in the evaporated water from the carpet.



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