How Often Should You Have Your Carpets Cleaned

How often should you have your carpets cleaned is a common question asked to professional carpet cleaners. Unfortunately we can’t give you an exact period of time but we can suggest some ideas to you and how to increase the time between cleans.

Firstly carpet cleaning intervals will depend on how much use or foot traffic your carpet gets and what type of traffic. Children and dogs usually bring in the most amount of dirt on to your carpet so usually people with children, dogs or both have their carpets cleaned on a more regular basis.

For example: If you have patio doors leading to your garden and pets, children and even adults walk freely on a regular basis to and from the garden this will bring in lots of dirt. If you leave your shoes on when walking in and out of your property this will also bring in dirt.

If you don’t have pets or children in your property and you take off your shoes when entering and walking around and vacuum on a regular basis your carpet can probably go years between cleans. If you are the opposite and have pets, children and don’t remove your shoes it could probably benefit from being cleaned every 6-12 months.

To prolong carpet cleaning intervals remember these simple rules:

1). Get everyone entering your property to remove their shoes at the front or back door and walk around ideally in socks or bare feet.

2). Vacuum your carpets on a regular basis ideally daily or every other day.

3). If you have a dog try and wipe its feet with a towel after a walk when they enter your property especially in bad weather, this is usually easier said than done….

4). If you notice your carpet is starting to get grubby have it professionally cleaned. The longer you leave it the dirtier it will get and the faster wear and irreversible damage will happen. A dirty carpet means it’s already being damaged. Having it cleaned by a professional company will prolong the life of your carpet and save you the expense of replacing it sooner rather than later.

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